Home Can Be Constructed For Under $4,000


In the video 3D-Printed Home Can Be Constructed For Under $4,000, we see a demonstration of how a home can be built for really cheap and under 24 hours. 3D printing technology allows this to happen and could help families living in poverty and unsafe conditions. The first goal is to create it in El […]

Sustainable Net Zero Homes


Habitat for Humanity is an organization that helps build homes for families. It is a non-profit organization that helps families with financial education and obtaining an affordable mortgage and building a home. Many volunteers contribute to building homes and supplying materials for the process. A YouTube Video called Helping Habitat For Humanity Build Sustainable Net […]

The 8 Step Process of Flipping a House for the First Time

best way to make money flipping houses

There are many reasons why Americans are drawn to flipping houses. For one thing, house flipping offers many the opportunity to make an additional income aside from what they receive from their day jobs. Flipping a house is the type of project that can take time, but in turn, it will pay off with a […]