3 Accessories Any Woman Must Have

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3 Accessories Any Woman Must Have


sea glass jewelryFor many women, closets are prized possessions. These wonderlands are culminations of many hours of hard work and have the ability to change our mood in seconds. After all, we all have that one outfit that we reach for when we really need to look and feel beautiful, right?

The best thing about clothes is that they are easily dressed up with the help of the humble accessory. Accessories have the ability to transform a drab look to fab and are great investments because they can be used in multiple different outfits. It is all too easy to feel overwhelmed with the number of accessories that can pile up, so we have created a list of three accessories any woman should own as a way to streamline your closet.

A rope strand of pearls

Pearls are classic, and they can immediately class up any outfit. A long rope of pearls is incredibly versatile and can be worn multiple ways: as one long strand, a long strand with a knot in the middle, double looped, or layered with other necklaces. There’s never a wrong occasion to wear pearls, so this is one piece that will have a place in your closet for years to come.

A casual three piece set

Sometimes, you just want to go a bit more casual with your outfit. That’s fine, but you still need some jewelry to class it up! Sea glass jewelry works great, as their authentic sea glass charm really brings a breath of fresh air to any outfit. Sea glass is created when pieces of glass soak in salt water and get tossed against the sand for anywhere from five to 50 years. There are plenty of sea glass colors to choose from, so pick a matching sea glass jewelry set with earrings, a necklace, and a matching ring, and you’ll wear it all year long.

An oversized watch

There are plenty of watches on the market, but no one wants a watch that is too small to read. Your watch deserves to be the focal point of your jewelry, so choose one in a neutral color such as gold or silver with a neutral strap like black leather or brown suede to ensure it matches everything in your closet.

As long as you have these three accessories, you’ll be set to rock your closet with style and sass. So go ahead, go make everyone jealous with your accessorizing!

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