3 Reasons You Should Plant a Tree

3 Reasons You Should Plant a Tree


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Trees, we can all agree, are very nice. Indeed, many studies have shown that trees and exposure to them can make people healthier and happier. The drink up the carbon dioxide we pump out, provide homes for wild creatures, and provide an excellent material with which humans have built some amazing things.

Trees, in the abstract sense, are truly amazing, but trees can also be a great boon to as small a unit as a house. Consider this:

Wind Breakers
Tree windbreaks can reduce residential heating costs up to 15% — that is a lot of money considering that heat represents the greatest costs to American families. Insulation is key, and trees also block the sun from homes, which can make them less hot in the summer — meaning lower cooling bills.

Sound Breakers
Trees absorb and clock sound, reducing noise pollution by as much as 40%. This could be especially significant for houses near highways or other urban areas — hide your house behind an amazing mask of trees, and you’ll really feel like you are in your own world.

Property Values
Best of all, property values of landscaped homes are 5 to 15% higher than those of non-landscaped homes and homes are quicker to resell than homes without trees. That’s right — planting little tree seedlings will actually change the rate and price for which you eventually sell your house. That definitely makes it a worthwhile investment.

Maintaining the trees around your home to retain these benefits is very important — tree specialists and tree trimming services are available to help you upkeep these amazing living things. Tree service companies are localized and understand the specific threats to the trees in your area.

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