4 Ways to Build an Extremely Efficient Home

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4 Ways to Build an Extremely Efficient Home


Throughout life, many people feel the need to move out of where they’re living. During this time, it’s understandable to look for a cheaper property. Many people are sick of watching their income go towards home energy costs. Therefore, many new homeowners are wanting green properties. These types of homes utilize less energy and typically save property owners a small fortune. In this post, you’ll learn how to increase the efficiency of your new home.

How to Build a Green Home

If you’re looking to build a new property, it’s wise to go green. That being said, you might be unaware of how to accomplish this goal. Don’t worry, learning a few important tips will ensure that your new home is extremely efficient. With that in mind, here are four ways to build a more efficient property.

Don’t be Afraid of Downsizing

First and foremost, it’s important to think about space concerns. Not everyone wants a massively oversized home, especially those trying to live a green life. Considering that, you’ll want to try and build your home on a small piece of land. In addition to building efficiently, you’ll likely be paying lower property taxes each year.

Utilize the Sun’s Energy

Next, it’s important to focus on using green building materials. Considering that, you’ll want to think about using solar panels. These panels can be placed on multiple areas of your property. Solar panels receive energy from the sun during the day. Your home is able to utilize this energy, without having to use as much electricity.

Keep Your Home Properly Insulated

You’ll eventually need to decide which type of insulation to place in your home. If you’re wanting to choose green home construction materials, consider using ICFs or insulating concrete forms. These building systems have been used in construction projects throughout the world for the past 60 years. Many homeowners find that using these forms is far better than polystyrene, alone. In fact, statistics gathered from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development found that ICF walls can save up to 25% on yearly heating and cooling costs. This type of construction material works better than polystyrene for properly insulating buildings.

Save on Lighting Costs

Many homeowners know the financial burden of lighting costs. It often takes quite a bit of money each month to keep a home properly lit. If you’re wanting to avoid these costs, consider purchasing LED lighting fixtures. By using LED lighting, you’ll enjoy adequate lighting that lasts longer than traditional bulbs. You can also save energy by utilizing natural light sources. Keeping your blinds or curtains open during the day also helps avoid using excessive amounts of artificial lighting.

In closing, it’s wise to build your next home with efficiency in mind. It’s unlikely that you’ll be building this home by yourself. Therefore, it’s wise to choose the right type of construction company for this project. You’ll want to find contractors that use insulating concrete forms. One study found that buildings constructed with insulating concrete forms offer six to nine times the strength of traditional structures. In addition, these forms are better than polystyrene for keeping your property insulated. If you’re ready to begin living in an efficient home, utilize the previously mentioned tips.

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