A Look at Different Retaining Wall Stone

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A Look at Different Retaining Wall Stone


Retaining wall design

Retaining wall stone are designed to restrain soil and correct unnatural slopes. While most concrete walls serve a dual purpose of being decorative, they also service the purpose of keeping soil in place.

Retaining wall stones are very helpful in preventing flooding and erosion to property around both residential and commercial areas. Retaining walls also protect flowers, grass and plants by preventing landslides. These walls are usually made of concrete, wood, stone, or brook.

Many people look to retaining wall stones to accentuate their landscaping, but as you can see, they also provide a very valuable service. You may want to build your own retaining wall or you may want to employ a retaining wall specialist. Either way, the process is going to be essentially the same.

First, a trench is dug that is wide enough to fit the selected retaining wall stone, plus some extra room for rock that will surround the stones. This trench will be deep enough to partially bury the first row. Then, crushed rock will be added around this first layer to create a firm foundation.

The retaining wall stones will then be layered one on top of the either, usually in an attractive pattern that will add style to your gardens.

When retaining wall stones are used in an industrial or commercial process, they will generally be larger than those used in a residential setting. These retaining wall stone placements are often found in places like highway underpasses where the ground needs to be prevented from sliding.

There are essentially four basic types of retaining wall stone applications. These are gravity retaining walls, cantilever walls, piling walls, and anchored walls. Each of these retaining wall stone structures have different engineering factors that can be used depending on the individual circumstances. For instance, anchored retaining are used in situations were additional strength is required.

If you are considering retaining walls, you can visit your neighborhood home improvement store for help. However, if you have to build large expanses of retaining wall stone structures, you may want to contact retaining wall companies. They can help you choose the best retaining wall structures for your needs.

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