Barndominiums 101 Where to Get Started On Your Project

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Barndominiums 101 Where to Get Started On Your Project


Building a traditional home has many moving pieces, as does building a barndominium or barndo. A barndo is a residential pole building that saves steps and simplifies the building process because pre-configured kits are available, and they are largely built with pre-assembled materials. Still, many of the steps needed to build a traditional home remain when building a barndo.

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The first issue is acquiring the land while considering the availability of utilities and roads, rights-of-way, and codes for the structure. More remote areas may have fewer code restrictions, but require you to build access roads, drill for water, and obtain power and heat. Obtaining the proper permits is another step.

Once you have the land, you still face the challenge of selecting a kit or having the barndo exterior custom designed. Whichever path you choose, you need a foundation and significant interior design choices such as room layouts, window, and door selection, in addition to all the detailed interior finishing touches such as cabinets, counters, tiling, and paint.
After completing the design work, the only remaining step is building the home. Whether you use a general contractor or do it yourself with the help of skilled professionals, there are many steps and a lot of work involved in acquiring the home of your dreams. Good luck!.

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