Building a Better Bathroom

Building a Better Bathroom


Bathroom remodeling chesapeake

Did you know that the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard has projected that by 2015, home projects like kitchen and bathroom remodeling will have grown forty percent from what they were in 2005? That’s quite an upswing. Will your bathroom remodeling project be part of the trend?

Those who’ve undertaken bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach have often found it to be a great return on investment, much like kitchen remodeling projects. Kitchen remodeling Virginia Beach and kitchen remodeling Chesapeake residents have been doing has certainly increased the value of their homes. Kitchen remodeling projects have been shown to return up to seventy three percent on investment, with upscale projects returning about sixty three percent, still a great value.

Bathroom remodeling chesapeake and bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach don’t just up the dollar value of you home. They also lift up the practical value of your bathroom, making better use of space, providing better fixtures and making a more attractive and relaxing environment. And those pursuing bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach have also discovered that there often rebates, tax breaks or other incentives to be had if you choose to make your remodel all about energy efficiency, for instance putting in low flow toilets or other water conserving fixtures.

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