Can Your Dream Shades Save You Money?

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Can Your Dream Shades Save You Money?


Window shades are an important part of every house. They not only contribute to the beauty of the house but also have a significant impact on the energy consumption in the house. According to Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC), you can cut 25% of annual heating and cooling costs by improving window treatment. They argue that a significant amount of that is caused by old windows that let in heat and cold. Automatic window shades can help reduce this cost in various ways.

Reduce Heat Loss

In addition to providing privacy, window shades prevent the loss of heat in the house by up to 17%. This is reflected in the amount of energy used in the HVAC system. When one has automated window shades they are able to manage the windows more effectively and ensure there is minimum loss of heat. Automated window shades can help one achieve the right temperatures by managing ways of letting in the heat or cold. On warmer days they can prevent direct rays from the sunlight while on colder days, prevent heat from escaping. They can save significant amounts of money spent on energy.

Black Out Your Space

One of our basic needs is adequate rest. Automatic window shades black out your room and only open when natural light comes in. This can play an important role in your body’s health. It can ensure that there are no distractions in your sleep and that you only wake up when the time is right. People that have night shifts at work can also turn their days into night by using automatic shades. By completely blacking out your room you are able to experience nighttime sleep during the day and wake up at a designated time. People with small children can also help their children sleep better with the ability to control the light at all times.

Smart Home Integration

Automatic blinds are part of many items that can be used to make smart homes. They can be part of many other items that make a smart home ecosystem. Such spaces enable the inhabitants to easily develop schedules and systems to keep the house running with minimal effort. They make life easier and more practical.

Automatic home blinds are a necessity in a 21st-century home. They not only help conserve energy but also optimize the life of those living in them. They are the ultimate choice of many households. Give us a call today for more information on our commercial window treatments.

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