Commercial Toilets and Other Choices

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Commercial Toilets and Other Choices


Pressure assisted toilets

Commercial toilets are your everyday toilet; they are the ones you find in your own home, in your neighbor’s home, and in your great aunt twice removed’s home. Most people are familiar with these toilets and their inner working, which are categorized as “gravity flow” toilets. There is another kind of toilet that we encounter on a regular basis called “pressure assisted toilets”. While they do the same job as commercial toilets, these pressure assisted toilets are usually only utilized by commercial businesses, such as restaurants, department stores, and so on. This dichotomy of toilets happens because most people are uncomfortable with the innards of a pressure assisted toilet and because pressure assisted toilets are often more expensive and difficult to fix if something goes wrong. Regular hardware stores do not usually sell the parts to fix a pressure assisted toilet, and the layman usually does not have the knowledge or expertise to fix these at any rate. For this reason, commercial toilets are the usual choice for any homeowner.

Commercial toilets also include a number of models that are categorized as contemporary toilets or modern toilets. These contemporary or modern toilets often come in unconventional designs, are directly mounted on the wall, or have other quirky characteristics. These kinds of toilets are often chosen for their specific interesting traits by people who are renovating their bathroom or building their own home, as they can often be customized in color and their shapes are unique. Depending on their form, contemporary or modern toilets may have undesirable qualities.

Homeowners must always be aware of the brand of toilet, its pressure flow, its comfort in regard to height and width, and other qualities that may preclude their comfort or return on investment in installation. The traditional choices are usually Kohler or Tolo, but there are a number of variations in brands and their characteristics that a homeowner may prefer.

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