Create an Ideal Space for Entertaining with a Backyard Pool

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Create an Ideal Space for Entertaining with a Backyard Pool


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Is your backyard ready for entertaining? If you’re planning to enhance your outdoor living spaces to include a kitchen and entertainment area, landscape designers specializing in residential design will likely tell you that these type of features will continue to be popular.

The “2014 Houzz Spring Landscaping Trends Study” showed that 83% of the participants believe their backyard was an ideal space for entertaining. Many homeowners are adding barbecues, grills, and outdoor kitchens to their backyards as these can make outdoor entertaining even more convenient.

Since many people become even more active during the warmer months, have you considered installing a pool? Besides being a great way to cool off, swimming is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. In addition to being the fourth most popular sport in the United States, swimming is also a favorite activity for children and teenagers. Once school is out for summer vacation, they can enjoy hours of healthy fun with their friends.

While the average person goes swimming in a pool just 6 times a year, if you have a pool installed, you could go swimming every day. Hot tubs and spas can also be a welcome addition to your outdoor entertainment areas. Just imagine how wonderful it will feel to soak and relax during summer afternoons and evenings.

While your backyard may not be able to accommodate an Olympic-sized pool, chances are you that you have the space for a good-sized pool, complete with a diving board. When you contact swimming pool builders to learn more about your options, you’ll also want to discuss pool area safety features.

In order to insure that your pool can’t be easily accessed, swimming pool builders will either recommend a 4-sided isolation fence or a screen enclosure. Since both of these options will prevent direct access to your pool area, it’s just a matter of deciding which you prefer.

Once all these projects are completed, you can begin planning your next party or celebration. Whether you like to keep it simple with just a few friends or invite your entire extended family, having a beautiful space to entertain may inspire you to do so more often.

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