Custom Cabinetry DesignReplace or Reface?

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Custom Cabinetry DesignReplace or Reface?


Kitchen design and remodeling jupiter

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most profitable changes a homeowner can invest in. Although other remodeling projects throughout a home will bring a good return, kitchen remodeling provides more increase to the value of the home.

When thinking about kitchen remodeling, it is suggested that the homeowner invest at least six months into researching what needs to be done right down to every last detail. Not only can the work involved become overwhelming, but if most every detail is planned carefully, the stress of the job can be lessened greatly. A good idea is to engage a professional designer with experience in kitchen design, as well as other areas of home remodeling; for instance, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom remodeling, bathroom design, and custom cabinetry design.

Many people will assume they can save money by simply refacing their kitchen cabinets, but, unfortunately, the fact may be that the old cabinets need to be evaluated before that decision is made. If the cabinets have been damaged by water or other elements, or are in need of repair, it makes more sense to replace, not reface. Damaged cabinetry will have to be repaired before any refacing is done anyway, which may eventually become the more expensive of the two options. Here is another area where a professional designer is an invaluable asset. A designer will have the appropriate knowledge that will help make not only an educated decision about whether to replace or reface the cabinets, but he or she will also know where to go for the most cost efficient service and supplies. A designer will also know how to set the schedule for the contractors and other professionals to be at the home in a timely and efficient fashion.

In researching the extensive line of custom kitchen cabinet design, a homeowner will find that kitchen cabinets include a lot of updated features. They can be purchased with roll out shelves so that items in the back of the cabinet can be retrieved easily. Kitchen drawers can also be installed that have an automatic soft close feature so that with a slight push the drawer will slowly close all the way, and never slam. In addition, today’s custom cabinetry design also features the ability to handle temperatures below -5 degrees and above 120 degrees without becoming damaged. Custom cabinets are also built to endure spills from items that are often kept inside of them like oils, coffee, and vinegar with no discoloration or any other type of damage. Custom cabinetry design can be done in many patterns and composition these days, and provides many choices for the homeowner to pick from.

In deciding where to install new appliances with water features and fixtures, the most efficient, cost effective way to go is to have them installed as close as possible to the plumbing that already exists. If these appliances are moved to another location in the kitchen, further demolition and reconstruction costs may be involved in order to run new pipes or extend the old ones to where the new appliances are. In addition, when adding new fixtures to the kitchen, it is always worth the few extra dollars that will be spent on newer, more efficient water features. In the long run, the homeowner will be very happy with the decrease they will see on their water bill as a result of installing water efficient yet functional additions.

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