Did You Get to Sleep with the Windows Open Last Night?

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Did You Get to Sleep with the Windows Open Last Night?


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This is a Top 10 kind of day!
You did not need to run the air conditioner last night, and while the temperatures dipped 10 degrees below average last night, you are far from needing to use the furnace. When you live in the midwest, the Top 10 days are few and far between. With extreme weather conditions that can sky rocket into the 100s for days in a row and plummet to weeks below zero, getting the days that allow you to enjoy nights without heating or cooling, and nothing but fresh air from outside are rare.
Even on the most pleasant of days, however, the most responsible home owners still realize it is important to consider the necessary HVAC services that are required. From residential air conditioning installation to emergency HVAC repair, both heating a air conditioning units benefit from regular maintenance.
Do You Have Your Next HVAC Service Scheduled?
Air conditioning repair costs can seem daunting at times, so most manufacturers strongly encourage their customers to schedule HVAC service appointments every six months. One of these six month appointments should be scheduled a few weeks before the air conditioning is used and the other appointment should be a couple of weeks before the furnace is put into use. Regular service calls can help home owners avoid a small maintenance problem turning into a system failure that can leave a house dangerously cold in the winter or dangerously hot in the summer.
The money that Americans spend on temperature control is significant. In fact, 66% of all Americans now have air conditioning and the energy costs to run those are expensive. So expensive, in fact, that many people look toward the purchase of new more efficient units. The fact that today’s air conditioners use about 50% less energy than they did in the 1990s means that an investment in a new, more efficient unit is a good investment. So while many Americans are simply working on scheduling the regular twice a year maintenance for their HVAC systems, others are focusing their energies looking further down the road. In fact, if a home’s air conditioner is 10 years old, you may see an immediate savings of up to 20% on energy costs by replacing this older unit with a newer, more efficient model.
If you were able to sleep with the windows open last night, enjoy the refreshing morning. Do not, however, forget to plan for the next change in weather. Scheduling a maintenance service call or buying a new unit can help you be ready for the cold winter temperatures that will be here before we know it.

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