Don’t Live With A High Energy Bill Any Longer Try These Useful Day-To-Day Tips

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Don’t Live With A High Energy Bill Any Longer Try These Useful Day-To-Day Tips


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What’s something you just couldn’t live without? Is it your Internet for all your browsing and working needs? Perhaps it’s your high-quality fridge and all the extra space it has. Although everyone’s going to have some variance on this answer, a common thread that links us all together is that of heating and cooling. We love our air conditioners and our furnaces, particularly during the extreme seasons where the cold and the heat is just too much to bear. Not only do these make our homes more comforting, they make us healthier by protecting us from extreme temperature dips and cleaning out our air.

Since very few people plan on parting with their air conditioning service, check out the list below on how to get the most out of your system and save money.

How Common Are Air Conditioners?

Heating and cooling companies have their work cut out for them. It’s estimated two-thirds of all American homes have an air conditioner system installed! Topped off with the fact that air conditioners alone use around 5% of the country’s electricity and you can imagine the work that goes into installation, maintenance and repair. What can heating and cooling companies do for you when it comes to just saving on green?

Why Do I Keep Losing Temperature Throughout The Day?

It’s no doubt frustrating to turn on your air conditioner, only to feel as if it takes years to send some cool relief throughout your home. While this could be due to your system being out-of-date, it can also be due to other factors. Installing insulation is usually the best way to reduce energy waste, as studies have seen poor attic insulation contributing to a 20% energy loss on average. Other factors, such as the gaps in-between your windows and doors, can also add to this.

How Do Air Conditioners Keep Us Healthy?

Extreme temperature dips aren’t good all around. Too much cold can make us sick, while too much heat can contribute to heat stroke and all sorts of painful side-effects. A good air conditioner should be able to filter out harmful pollen and mold, both of which can aggravate health issues and pose a serious risk to the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. American researchers have even found that the chance of dying on very hot summer days has fallen more than 80% thanks to the efforts of air conditioning.

What Else Can I Do To Save Money?

Still need more tips to keep your energy bill manageable? Try these out for size. Heating and air conditioning take an estimated 40% or more out of your monthly bill, which can be devastating for many houses trying to budget. Turning your thermostat back can save you 1% for each degree. A programmable one that adjusts on its own while you’re away from the house can save you 10% to 15% overall.

How Can I Make My Air Conditioning Work Better?

Your air conditioning shouldn’t take forever to cool your home, nor should it make strange noises or contribute to the dust in the air. If you notice any of these qualities and then some? You need to call for air conditioning repair. A professional can determine whether your filters need replacing (with most needing a change-up every one to three months) or if you could use a ductless heating system instead. The average lifespan of a central air conditioner is around 20 years and there are plenty of great models on the market for you to choose from.

It’s time to stay safe, healthy and comfortable this summer. Let heating and cooling companies help your system help you.
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