Get Ready For Spring Landscaping With These Easy Steps

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Get Ready For Spring Landscaping With These Easy Steps


landscaping projectIt’s not too late – or too early – to prepare your lawn for spring. Even though it may be cold out, you can prepare your lawn so that it grows beautiful, lush grass in the spring. And landscaping isn’t just for looks. Did you know that having a well-landscaped lawn can help reduce allergens?

  1. Prepare Soil

    If you’ve been landscaping for a while now, you know that it’s important to aerate your lawn. This allows nutrients to soak into the soil better, which will lead to better grass come spring. Once you aerate, you’ll want to add some fertilizer to your soil. The most important thing your lawn needs is nitrogen. Generally, you need three to four pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet, so make sure you get enough. You’ll need to apply it throughout the season.

  2. Plant New Seeds

    Depending on the type of grass you grow, you will want to plant seeds. Different types of grass and different climates require you to seed at different times. You’ll also want to make sure your soil is getting enough water. In some climates, nature takes care of this. In others, you’ll want to set a watering schedule for your lawn. It’s best to water in the coolest parts of the day. If you water in the middle of the day, more of the water will evaporate. It’s best to water in the morning, since watering in the evening can bring in more insects and fungal diseases.

  3. Landscape and Decorate

    The final part of your landscaping project is to decorate. Just because we’re nearing winter and your grass isn’t looking as nice as it did in the summer doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice lawn. Have you considered doing some hardscaping? For a bigger project, you could install an outdoor walkway if you don’t already have one. You could also install some outdoor lighting – perfect for those summer evenings – or add some string led lighting along your patio or walkway. A firepit is a great addition to your lawn and can be easily made or bought. For some easier ideas, you could add some potted plants outside. Make sure these are plants that can survive the cold of winter.

Landscaping projects don’t have to be difficult. Just use these three steps to create a beautiful lawn.

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