Great Lawns Start With Great Grass Seeds

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Great Lawns Start With Great Grass Seeds


Having a great lawn can do so many things for you, from raising the value of your home to making it easier to spend time outside. That’s why at home lawn care is so important to most homeowners. Still, managing a lawn care program schedule is difficult to do, and many people balk at the average cost of riding lawn mower and backyard maintenance services.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right grass seed for your lawn. The reality is that there are different types of grass that you may have in your yard, and oftentimes people choose the wrong grass for their yard. The climate, how much time you have to work on your yard, and even the soil composition all dictate what type of grass you should grow. So, be careful and do your research when choosing a grass seed for your lawn.

At your service lawn care is exponentially easier when you can rely on the right grass seed to grow in your home’s climate and needs a level of maintenance that fits your own expertise.

Did you know that The Shakers were the first people to produce grass seeds on the industrial level? They supplied it to wealthy American families in the 18th century, and began a new standard for grass that we now live with today. Grass seed has long been a staple of the American lawn, with new varieties available every year that are meant to combat some of the many issues that grass can face throughout its existence. There are grass seeds which are made to be drought resistant grass once they grow, and others which are meant to grow in low or high sunlight areas. Most grass grows better in soil which has lowered acidity, ideally between 6 and 7 pH.

If you are interested in the right lawn seed for your own property, you can start like a professional would and have an analysis of your soil performed. This can tell you more about the current pH of your soil, as well as the nutrients and organic materials which it currently contains. With proper soil treatment based on the results, your grass seeds could grow quite well throughout the season. You ill need to time their planting, and some wintering may be necessary for certain types of grass, but these are all part of making the right selection for your area, your soil, and your own preferences. Once your grass seeds grow, you may not need to mow them every week. You should try to keep the grass at least three inches high, so that they have proper shade and strength in their roots.

Another area where you can be a professional is your choice of pesticides. Choosing the right pesticide is often a matter of balancing safety and effectiveness; for example, if you see dandelions on your grass and no other weeds, your pesticide is both effective and safe. Dandelions will not grow in conditions that would be toxic for animals or children. Your grass seeds should also grow better in conditions which are less toxic, which is good if you are attempting to set up an environment that will foster the right lawn development. Your pesticide treatment, time of planting, and more all go into making the perfect lawn for your property. Shops that offer grass seeds also offer products that can boost your growth, feed your grass, and keep it safe throughout the year.

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