How Does An Emergency Drain Cleaning Service Complete Their Work?


No one ever hopes to need the expertise of an emergency drain cleaning service, but if you are unlucky enough to require their attention, you may be wondering just how it all works. The attached video will give you an inside look at just how a device called a sewer snake is used on the job to unclog a home’s main drain.

Essentially, you start with a small bladed head at the end of the snake, then increase the size of the blades as you go.

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Starting with too large of a blade can damage the pipe and require you to dig up your backyard or break into the basement flooring. The snake is fed into the drain and allowed to ‘chew’ through any blockages. These can be caused by organic material inside the pipe or, in some cases, from root systems interfering with the pipe’s integrity.

It’s best not to need an emergency drain cleaning service, but if you ever do, you now know a bit about how they work and how they’re able to get the job done.

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