How Homeowners Can Prevent Pipe Corrosion


Compared to very old plumbing systems, copper water pipes are efficient, reliable, and long-lasting. Many plumbers and homeowners alike prefer copper water pipes over PVC pipes and other alternative plumbing pipes. But just because these pipes are generally great, doesn’t mean they are always perfect. Many homeowners have to find ways to prevent pipe corrosion in their homes.

In the video posted here, the host explains how copper pipes corrode and what homeowners can do to prevent corrosion.

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If you have corroded copper pipes throughout your home, your best bet is to talk to your neighbors. It could be that the water supply in your town is corroding pipes everywhere. In that case, you would want to filter your water as soon as it enters your home.

If you have patches of corrosion, you might have water stagnation issues. If water is left to sit in pipes for too long, they can corrode along the waterline. These pipes can have tiny pits of corrosion that lead to small leaks. You may need to talk to a plumber about adjusting your plumbing system to prevent stagnation.

The video can teach you more about ways to prevent pipe corrosion in your home.

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