How Old Is the Furniture in Your Home?

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How Old Is the Furniture in Your Home?


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It is the season for backyard barbecues, meals outside on the deck, and late nights sitting up talking to friends. The kids are out of school for the summer, you have two long weeks of vacation days off in the middle of July, and the days last long enough to fit in all of your favorite activities. And while some people have a house full of furniture, as well as nice patio sets for their outdoor dining, others are in the process of still finding the perfect indoor furniture for the their first home.
How well your summer goes is not dependent upon having the newest or the best furniture, but having some comfortable places for your friends and families to sit when they come over for a visit can make gathering more enjoyable and relaxing. The decision to invest in quality indoor furniture designs is a decision to set a scene where your friends and family will want to return to again and again.
Quality Home Furniture Creates a Comfortable Setting for You, Family, and Friends
Whether you are searching for casual outdoor furniture or high end indoor furniture, the choices are many. With an American furniture industry that generated $101.41 billion in sales in the year 2013 alone, consumers have a wide range of choices in quality, price, and styles. If, for instance, you are looking for Outer Banks indoor furniture for a vacation home at the beach you can find a vendor or a manufacturer that specifically caters to those goals. If, on the other hand, you are looking for upscale furniture for a formal dining room, there are showrooms and companies that will provide those choices as well.

  • Having a lifespan of seven to 15 years, sofas are essential pieces of furniture across the country. From the least expensive to most elaborate, styles and sizes are available that will meet the taste of every consumer.
  • A Harris Poll survey conducted for the National Association of Landscape Professionals talked to 2,034 U.S. adults who were at least 18 years old indicated that 75% of Americans feel that it is important to spend time outside in their yards. For this reason, the outdoor furniture market is growing in popularity.
  • Very important in any furniture choice is comfort. In fact, this is why many brick and mortar showrooms are still very popular in a time of internet shopping. Many people want to make sure that they have a chance to sit in the chairs, sofas, and loungers before they make any purchases.
  • Estimates indicate that the $4 billion in sales for the outdoor furniture market represents a near 50% growth. This significant increase leads all outdoor living categories that are also faring very well. In fact, the outdoor furniture growth is well ahead of every other furniture category.

  • According to a 2014 Houzz and Home Study which was conducted among Houzz users, more than a 25% of homeowners are staying in their homes longer. As a result these one in four homeowners plan to remodel or enhance their outdoor space so that they can further enjoy their property.

  • Some home decorating decisions are about more than style and comfort. In fact, some decisions about design can also have a significant effect on energy efficiency as well. For instance, studies indicate that medium-colored draperies with white-plastic backings can reduce heat gains by 33%. Draperies also stay cooler in the summer than some other kinds of window treatments enabled by the pleats and folds that lose heat through convection.
  • Estimates say that Millennials? share of all buyers in 2012 was a pretty small 14%, but by the year 2014 Millennials comprised 37% of all households buying furniture and bedding. This industry makes this group the largest generation buying.
  • A surprise to some, furniture is typically the third most expensive thing a person will ever buy. The only other thing that we spend more money on than furniture is a house and a car.
  • The outdoor furniture market will continue to grow. In fact, 50% of all residential architects believe outdoor living features play a more important role in new home sales now than two years ago. In fact, 63% of architects report outdoor living spaces are the most common ?special function room? in today’s home construction.

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