How to Complete Your Own Residential Painting Job

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How to Complete Your Own Residential Painting Job


This guide is like a magic trick for residential painting in 10 steps. You’ll learn how to make your room look amazing. For starters, move all your stuff out of the room. Or at least scoot it a lot of feet away from the walls.

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If that’s not good, shove everything in the middle of the room. You want a clear space to work, so you don’t accidentally paint your furniture.

Next, grab all your painting stuff. You’ll need a big sheet to catch drips and splatters. Also, get a small bucket for corners and edges, a roller for large areas, and a brush for tiny spots. Other things include a spackle knife to fix holes in the wall. You’ll also need some tape to protect stuff from paint and something to squeeze caulk in cracks (like around your bathtub).

Now that you’re all set, it’s painting time! Here’s how to do it. Paint a thin layer over the wall, like a super light first coat. Once it’s dry, use the brush to paint the edges and corners, and around the light switches and stuff. Roll on a second coat of paint to make everything nice and even.

Then gently remove the tape before the paint dries. Fix any mistakes, clean up the mess, and wash your paint tools. Take your time and go easy. There’s no need to rush, Rome wasn’t painted in a day. And don’t forget to crack a window for fresh air – you wouldn’t want to get high on paint fumes. Watch this video for more residential painting tips.


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