How to DIY Refinish a Bathtub

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How to DIY Refinish a Bathtub


One of the most expensive plumbing fixtures in your home is likely your bathtub. Many people use the same bathtub for decades on end because it’s so expensive to purchase and install a new tub. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to live with an ugly, chipped, or dated bathtub. Instead, you can choose to take on a refinish bathtub project. By refinishing your tub, you can reseal the surface, change the tub’s color, and bring new life to your old bathroom.

Video Source

In the video posted here, one homeowner with significant DIY experience shows her process for refinishing her bathtub. She had quite a few tools to start with, so her overall costs were very low, but she said that anyone could do the project for less than $100 even if they needed to purchase every tool she used.

To begin, she cleaned the tub very thoroughly. She also removed the caulk from around the tub. This fully exposed all of the exterior surfaces of the tub.

Once the tub was completely clean, she roughed up the surface with sandpaper. This step is essential because it ensures the new finish will adhere well to the surface of the tub.

To learn more, be sure to watch the video in full.

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