How To Downsize Your Belongings When Using A Storage Unit

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How To Downsize Your Belongings When Using A Storage Unit


self storageIn the United States, up to 33% of all renters move annually. Unfortunately, a big part of that moving process is downsizing. Many homeowners and apartment renters aren’t aware of how much stuff they own until they’re forced to pack it up to use for later.

Using a storage facility for self storage is a great way to keep holding on to the things that are important to you, but aren’t capable of fitting into your new place. But after a while, even your storage unit needs some downsizing. After all, you can only store so much in one space.

But how can you downsize on the items you keep in storage units if you’re using those units to hold onto your sentimental and valuable items?

Remember the acronym RDS

RDS stands for Recycle, Donate, Store. One of the best ways to determine how to downsize on the objects you’re keeping in your storage unit is to go through each of your items and determine their real value to you.


Items are best for recycling when they’ve been broken and are unable to be completely repaired. Broken items will simply take up space in your unit as well as your home because they’re not capable of any real use. Unless it’s a sentimental knick-knack, place it in the recycling bin.


When was the last time you used a particular object or item in your storage unit? If it’s been over six months and the reason you haven’t used the item¬†isn’t¬†because of the weather, it’s best to consider donating that item. However, before you donate be sure the item is still useful and unbroken.


Once you’ve determined the items that are of value to you (they’re useful and unbroken), consider a better way to store them in our secure storage facility. Like a refrigerator, you don’t simply stuff things into the unit and hope for the best. You need to be strategic in how you place your items.

The following tips will help to improve your self storage unit’s capabilities:

  • Pack your items flat
  • Label storage boxes on the sides
  • Choose boxes that are the same size for easy stacking
  • List the items in your storage unit and keep the list at home
  • Store the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on top
  • Store the items you use the most at the front of the unit

Storage units are great whether you’re in need of vehicle storage or storage for residential items while you move. However, it’s important when you use a storage unit that you optimize the space you have and that you don’t allow it to become a broom closet of clutter. Periodically downsize your self storage unit to keep your space tidy and easily accessible throughout the year.

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