How to Enhance the Landscaping of Your Home

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How to Enhance the Landscaping of Your Home


Your home is an important place to maintain. Not only is it your home, but it is a part of your aesthetic–the image and style that others have of you. We often consider spending a great deal of time on maintaining the innards of our home and keeping our lawns just up to par. Yet there is more to our lawns than just landscaping. We take the time to enhance the rooms of our homes with paints, posters, and lighting, so why not do the same for our landscaping? You might not think of it, but installing landscape lighting can improve the look, and value, of your home by great amounts.

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

While you spend a lot of time (and money) on landscaping so that it looks wonderful during the day, you should be investing just as much time so that it is as stunning even when the sun begins to set. By providing basic landscape lighting, you can provide a warmth and comfort to your home, one that will highlight certain natural features, and make your home stand out when compared to neighbors that have no outdoor lighting. Here are just three benefits, as reported by the 2017 U.S. Houzz Landscaping Trends Study:

  1. 16% of homeowners consider outdoor lighting to be the greatest feature to improve curbside appeal of their home
  2. 58% of homeowners found importance in improving the pathway lighting of their home, making it easier for guests to move about their yard
  3. Nearly half of homeowners updated their landscape lighting along with the lighting inside their home, modernizing both inside and out

Similarly, another study conducted by the NAHB stated that over 40% of home buyers stated that they considered landscape lighting to be a must of a soon-to-be purchased home.

Where to Place Landscape Lighting, i.e. What to Light in Your Yard

  • Patio Lighting: While overhead lighting for a patio is better than no lighting at all, there are ways to further enhance the lighting of your patio. String lights run around the banister of the patio can make for beautiful, quaint look; if you have a table with an umbrella, consider having string lights running along the innards of the umbrella, providing lighting around the center of attention; consider installing multiple outdoor lamps, providing guests with a surrounding warmth–this form of low voltage deck lighting will offer a simple, stylish brightness to your patio without overdoing it.
  • Pond Lighting:While a pond already makes for a stunning addition to your yard, it can be further improved by adding some highlight lighting to it. Consider having lighting that makes for a pathway to the pond, lighting that surrounds the pond, or lighting that can be placed in the bottom of the pond, illuminating the pond and giving it a wonderful brightness at night.
  • Path Lighting:There’s a benefit to making it easier for your guests to move around at night. While it is important to have a light by the door of your home, it is just as important to have lights lining the path to the doorway. This will be enticing for guests, and yourself, on especially dark nights, providing a means to see in the dark and feel a sense of homecoming when arriving.
  • Shrub Lighting:Some features of your landscape are important, and shrubbery might be that. If you have personal sections of your garden or shrubs that you’d like to enhance, providing a glimmer to even at night, consider installing a set of lights near them, making them stand out to passerbys or for guests at a soon-to-come gathering.
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