How to Install Sliding Barn Doors in Your Home?


If you are wanting to add that rustic feel to your home, you can do that by installing sliding barn doors to any area of your home. They will give you that gorgeous rustic look and make it so your guests are jealous of your new installation. In the video, we are shown a step by step process on how to install these sliding doors in your home.

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First things first, you will have to measure the size of the entryway, so you can order the correct door size to ensure you won’t have to deal with having to order a new one in the future. Once you receive your new barn door, you should stain it. This will ensure that it will stay well-maintained for a long time. This will also give it that beautiful color you want.

They then go on to show installing the wood piece that will hold the track that will be holding the sliding door, allowing it to slide open and close. To see this entire process in depth, watch the video and learn from an expert. You just might be able to do this project on your own or with a friend or family member.


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