How to Reroof a Roof

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How to Reroof a Roof


Roof re-roofing can be a complex task. But do you know that you can replace your roof by yourself? If you have the skills and proper tools, it will be easy to replace your roof.

Material required:
Tin snips
Caulk gun
Chalk line
Utility knife
Roof harness
roofing nailer
Air hose
Circular saw
Work gloves
Air compressor
Extension ladder
Here are a few guides on how you re-roof your roof.
Remove old roof shingles using a pitchfork.2.
Nail down all loose nails around the area.

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Cover the roof deck with underlayment.
Nail the lower edge of the roof to avoid water flashing.
Trim roof shingles to create a starter guide.
Allow the shingles to overhang drip-edge, then nail them in place.
Set the top edge of the first shingles on the chalk line and nail them down.
Continue the work. Align the top edges with chalk lines and end with vertical chalk lines to create the proper offset.
Secure each shingle with four nails and trim the shingles at the ridge and ends of the roof.
Create a 12×12-inch ridge-cap shingle out from a standard cut and center each ridge-cap over and attach two nails.
If you need excellent re roofing service, you can always ask the help of professionals to help you. Ensure to hire a legitimate re roofing service company.


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