How to Seal a Travertine Paver

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How to Seal a Travertine Paver


When it comes to a pool deck or area, you want to make sure it’s safe from slipping and keep it from fading. In this Youtube video, you’ll learn how to seal a travertine paver. Travertine is one of the many options to have for a pool deck, it just has to be maintained for proper safety and usage.

In this video, he shows a step-by-step on how to go about paver and travertine sealing. It starts with a coating process and then nano non-slip beads are applied on top.

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In fact, the nanobeads being used are manufactured specifically for this company and are of better quality than over-the-counter ones. He even mentions that coating is 3-5x more durable than a sealer. These two steps very basic steps will keep your deck looking new and keep people safe from slipping.

By taking advantage of coating or sealing your travertine pool deck, you’re saving it from fading and wearing. Adding a level of protection to the deck keeps it in tip-top condition. Pool decks are not a cheap addition to any home. By providing the right protection, you’re investing in your deck so that it will last much longer.


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