How to Take Your Backyard Patio from Drab to Fab This Summer

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How to Take Your Backyard Patio from Drab to Fab This Summer


Updated: 2/7/2022

If you have a patio, you’re going to need some outdoor patio furniture in order to really use it in the nice weather. If you’re tight on money, you can often find backyard patio furniture clearance at the end of the summer. So, go to the store then and buy the furniture you want for next year.

While your options might be limited and you’ll need to wait in order to use them later, it will give you the best possible price for good quality furniture. Backyard furniture chairs can vary in quality and price, so make sure that you choose the best options for your budget and style.

For backyard furniture design ideas, you can look online at all different sites. Find websites devoted to backyard patio renovations, as well as sites that just display patios among other things. This will help you get an idea of what options you have for your own home. Look at many different kinds of patios, then take the ones you like and find ways to put those ideas into your own space.

large copper planters

With summer on its way, it’s time to start preparing for time spent outside. That doesn’t just mean that it’s time to head to the store and pick up sunscreen and bug spray. No, you also need to get your patio ready for outdoor relaxation and potential backyard parties.

To revamp your patio this summer, there are a few tips and tricks. Here’s what you need to know.

Greens and Shrubbery

Looking for a really easy way to instantly transform your patio? Bring in the greens! The use of plants can help to bring life to your space and simply make it a more inviting area. Potted plants are super easy, too, as all you need to do is throw them in a planter with a little bit of soil. Want to add some character? Put the plants in large copper planters. Large copper planters are perfect for the homeowner who loves antique accent pieces and an “older” look. Copper is man’s oldest metal, dating back more than 10,000 years, so you can definitely achieve the “older” vibe by using a few of those planters. Just don’t forget to check on your large copper planters every so often and water the plants that reside in them.


If you plan to sit out on your patio with friends this summer, you’re going to need someplace to sit. As unfortunate as it may be, concrete isn’t super comfortable to relax on. Bring out some Adirondack chairs, a comfy outdoor chaise, or even a hammock! It’s a really easy way to spice up your patio area. Plus, these chairs can be used into the fall and even next spring!


Speaking of seating, you can easily revamp the look of a boring chair by adding an accent pillow. These home accents are great because you can find them at really inexpensive prices and can change them out depending on the next summer holiday you’re celebrating. Plan to celebrate the Fourth of July this year by having friends over? Throw some accent pillows with fireworks on them on top of your outdoor chairs! You’ll look like you spent a lot of time revamping your backyard when in reality, it only took you about four seconds.

Summer is quickly approaching, so you better start getting your backyard patio ready! Take a look at a few of the suggestions listed above for easy ways to revamp your summer space.

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