January Isn’t Too Cold to Worry About Staying Cool in the Summer

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January Isn’t Too Cold to Worry About Staying Cool in the Summer


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In the middle of January, homeowners are not likely to be worried about keeping cool. In fact, the exact opposite tends to be the case, especially when crazy weather systems like the Polar Vortex decide to make an appearance and say hello. But as soon as the ground starts to thaw out in the spring, you should think about upgrading your home cooling system. Experts recommend that you have your HVAC system inspected twice a year, including once in the spring before the hot summer months arrive. So while January might be when bundling up is a necessity, the time of year to invest in air conditioning services is rapidly approaching.

Despite recommendations, estimates suggest that more than half of American homeowners do not believe that their HVAC system needs regular maintenance. Though it is certainly possible that you could get through both the cold and hot season without doing anything but adjusting the thermostat, HVAC repair services are important for preventing serious problems from developing. Just simple cleaning and basic repairs can prevent issues like blockages or leaky ducts that make it difficult to stay comfortable during the heat of summer. A breakdown in July might not only cause you to overheat, but it can be tough to find heating and air conditioning contractors who aren’t busy, so you might have to wait for repairs.

On top of that, when small problems that don’t get fixed turn into large ones, they can become quite expensive. According to statistics from HomeAdvisor, the average AC repair will cost just over $500, though there are several minor repairs, like plugging duct leaks and even replacing coils, that are much cheaper. Investing in those repairs before more extensive ones are needed will certainly help save money in the long run.

In addition, homeowners will save money by simply upgrading their home cooling system to increase efficiency. Over the summer months, when AC units have to run constantly, utility bills can skyrocket. That will prove to be particularly true if a system is not functioning properly and has to work harder than normal to keep a home cool. So if you want to stay comfortable and be sure not to waste money during the summer, getting an inspection and necessary air conditioning repairs during the spring is always a smart choice.

Mid-January might be a little too early for home cooling system repairs. However, with spring at least on the horizon — perhaps unfortunately for those who love the winter for skiing, snowmobiling, or just enjoying the snow — getting in touch with professionals and making appointments ahead of time is a good idea. Doing so now will help make sure that your system is in great condition and able to handle the rigors of hot summer temperatures. See this link for more references.

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