Learn Some Gas Line Installation Tips

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Learn Some Gas Line Installation Tips


This video provides tips for gas line installations. Gas line installation does not have to be hard but you do have to take some precautionary steps to ensure safe operation. Every DIY installation should start off with new pipes and fittings.

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Installing gas lines is similar to installing any type of plumbing line but there are some steps you will take with gas lines that you should not skip out on. The risk of a faulty gas line is much greater than the risk of a plumbing line carrying water.

In the video you will learn why every gas line should use pipe joint compound to ensure a tight seal. One of the mistakes do-it-yourself gas pipe installers make is to use Teflon tape in place of pipe joint compound which is not code approved. Another common mistake that is mentioned in the video is choosing the wrong type of wrench for the job. For example, a pipe wrench should not be used on a brass fitting. A crescent wrench is a right choice for a brass fitting.

This video explores in detail the process of installing a gas line, mistakes to avoid, and the tools you will need.


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