Military Journeymen and Women

Military Journeymen and Women


Military didy move

Life is stressful. Add to that the worry of having a loved one in the military and it gets worse. Then top that off with the additional worry of a military move and it could be all a little overwhelming. The third most stressful event in life after death and divorce, moving is not only challenging but takes time and planning too. Planning wisely and thoroughly will prevent undue stress and ease the frustration of moving, not just for military members but civilians as well.

A military move or a military DITY (do it yourself) move allows members of the military to be reimbursed by the government for moving their own belongings. A voluntary program, a military DITY move occurs when a military person is assigned a temporary duty (TDY), temporary additional duty (TAD) or a permanent change of station (PCS). If you are in the military and are planning a military move, there is a Dity move calculator which allows you to estimate just how much the move from one place to the other will be. The Government Constructed Cost is the amount the government would have had to pay to move the property during a government procured move. This cost will be up to but will not exceed the authorized weight allowance of the member.

A military dity move does not have to be as stressful as it sounds. With the right tools, military moving has been made simpler and will cause less stress on you and your family. A military move consists of many details which could be easy to get bogged down in but if you know where to look and how to get started, the military move can be the perfect move in the right direction.

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