Mistakes You May be Making with Outdoor Lighting

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Mistakes You May be Making with Outdoor Lighting


On the YouTube AK Lighting channel in the video titled “5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Landscape Lighting,” they discuss ways to avoid mistakes if you want to install your own outdoor lighting. The first suggestion is to not buy solar lights, which are less expensive but do not provide enough light at night for your home. The bulbs are too dim. If you want to use them, buy a larger solar light because it will produce more light.

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Another mistake consumers make is to place the light too close to the pathway, window, trees, or objects they want to illuminate. Try to place the light about 1 foot from the object you want it to shine on.

Another mistake is to buy bulbs with different colors and not keep the lighting consistent. Most outdoor lighting bulbs are 3000K and should be the same color for uniformity and consistency. Many people do not buy enough bulbs to light up their homes or property consistently. They may not know how much they need or do not want to spend the money. A good rule is to buy a light for each side of the windows you want to illuminate. Check your outdoor lighting by looking at it in the evenings. Using a professional outdoor light company is the best way to ensure a professional-looking job.


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