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Perfect Services for Rural Homes


Modern culture can make one think that everybody lives in the city and loves it. Yet a significant percentage of people live in rural areas. According to Statista, about 57.47 million people were living in rural areas in 2020. Of course, this is a small percentage of America’s population, showing a general preference for urban areas over rural areas.

Living in rural homes means more space, clean air, and tranquility. But it also means geographical isolation, high costs of some products, and lack of certain services. Nevertheless, ideal customized services can make your rural home superb for better living. Here are ten perfect services for your rural home.

1. Repair the Roof

One of the perfect services you could get for your rural home is roof repair. Depending on how long you’ve had your roof, the type of roofing material used, and the local climate, you may need to do roofing repair sooner than later. While it may seem like a big hassle, your roof is your first line of defense against harsh weather, pests, and intruders. Therefore, your roof should always be in its best condition.

If your roof has problems such as missing shingles, mold, or leaks, it could affect your home. Similarly, a sagging roof can affect the integrity of your house’s structure. If your rural area experiences cold seasons, a lack of insulation can increase your energy usage, while cracks allow water to seep in and damage your property.

Therefore, you may need the services of a residential roofer to repair your roof and make your home safe again. No more intruders, molds, or leaks in your home. Besides, roofing repair can improve the overall appearance of your home, which would make you more satisfied with living in your rural home.

2. Add Modern Plumbing

Another perfect service you should consider is adding modern plumbing. Living in a rural area doesn’t mean getting the ‘traditional’ of everything. You can completely redo your plumbing system to reflect modern systems and design. Modern plumbing is looking for ways to minimize water wastage and leaks. The Environmental Protection Agency says installing more efficient water fixtures and equipment can save water usage by 20% annually.

If your septic tank maintenance has not been regular, you can look for local businesses to help you upgrade your septic tank. Over time, there may be blockages and rusting of essential joints in the tank. A plumber can also help you upgrade your water appliances. For example, shift from using a tank water heater to a tankless one. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tankless water heaters can save homeowners between $400 and $600 per year.

You could also go smart with plumbing. Living in a rural home doesn’t mean you always keep away from technology. You can have smart leak detectors to alert you anytime there’s an unexpected leak. If you do irrigation, you can have smart irrigation systems that sense weather patterns to time irrigation.

3. Update Old Electrical Systems

People in rural and urban homes rely heavily on electricity to perform daily activities. If you live in a rural home, your home has likely been standing for a long period, especially if it’s an inheritance. Older houses may be more vulnerable to electrical problems such as deteriorated wiring, underpowering and outdated fuses. You can opt to update your electrical systems. You can begin with electrical panel replacement. If your electrical panel is bent, broken, or covered with foreign material, such as paint, corrosive residues, and mold, it’s time for maintenance or replacing it altogether. You can also add a new panel to avoid overloading if your current panel has too many applications.

If your house is old, you probably use a metal-clad electrical cable called BX. Modern houses use a non-metallic cable called Romex. It’s flexible and easy to install and work with because it’s plastic. BX is much harder to work with than Romex. You can update all of your electrical cables from BX to Romex.

4. Keep Your Family and Possessions Safe

Property and violent crime rates are relatively lower in rural areas than in urban areas. One of the explanations is the high population density in urban areas. However, property crimes still happen in rural areas, which is why it’s paramount that you keep your family and possessions safe. You can take different approaches to keep your family and home safe.

For example, you can engage a fence company to install an impenetrable fence. It’s more reasonable to put a security fence on your home, especially if you’ve got a large compound. You can have high posts for fixing mesh nets or install an electric pulse fence if your neighborhood is a hotspot for break-ins. A fence will also prevent trespassing.

Lock services are also perfect for rural homes. They may be part of a larger home security system to enhance property safety. While rural areas may have poor internet connectivity, which can limit how much a security system can do, some companies customize home security systems for rural homes. Companies such as ADT have security systems suitable for rural homes.

5. Make Money from Your Land

Did you know you could get some returns from your land? One of the biggest advantages of living in a rural area is space. Most farming in the U.S. happens in rural areas. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 97% of the U.S.’s land space is in rural areas. The most obvious way you could make money from your land is farming.

You could also lease your land for many uses. For example, you could make anywhere between $500 and $1500 per month through a cell tower land lease. That would be an excellent way to earn some extra passive income you had not expected. If you have a large piece of land, you could lease it for agricultural use.

You could also set up a glamping business, especially if your land has a beautiful view and your rural area has touristy places. Glamping is gaining popularity, especially as people appreciate the concept of sustainability. If you don’t have enough land to set up a glamping site, you could convert some of your rooms into an Airbnb facility.

6. Create An Entertainment Space

Another example of perfect services for rural homes is creating an entertainment space. It’s typical to associate rural living with boredom, slow life, and a lack of entertainment. But who said your home has to be dull? If you love parties and hosting, a rural home allows more room than an urban setting. You’ll probably get fewer complaints from neighbors about noise.

You can consider a fiberglass deck installation for your yard where you can hold outdoor events. Fiberglass is a reliable, lightweight material, especially as a coating, because it’s waterproof. With more space in your rural home, you can choose from multiple options for an entertainment deck.

If you love cooking and hosting, you can have an outdoor kitchen with entertainment space for your guests. You could organize barbecue hangouts in your backyard. If you’re more into water entertainment, you can have a lit pool, an entertainment screen, and outdoor music for the perfect night party. Another idea you could explore is a home bar. That way, you can sometimes entertain yourself from home without having to go to the local bar.

7. Upgrade Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a sanctuary. You can distill all the tranquility of a rural home living with a fantastic bathroom. Bathroom styles change over time, and copper tubs are no longer classy. Your sink tap may have accumulated toothpaste stains over time, and a glass shower door gives a better appearance than a wooden door. So, bathroom remodeling is one of the perfect services for your rural home.

One of the good things about a bathroom remodel is that you don’t have to do it yearly. You can choose a style you love and upgrade different home parts depending on your budget. For example, you can focus on the floor and walls this year, then redo your bathtub and sinks next year. A bathroom can help you increase your storage capacity and safety. Here are some of the modern trends you can consider for your bathroom.

  • Consider installing another shower head if you live with a partner to reduce wait time in the bathroom
  • Consider installing large colorful tiles on your wall and floor
  • Go for wooden accents over grey colors
  • Free-standing tubs can be a good option for a rural home bathroom
  • Install compact cabinets to make organization easier

8. Grow More Plants

You may have underestimated how much your extra space can benefit you. Some of the perfect services for your rural home involve optimal land use, for example, through farming. You could install a greenhouse to grow groceries for your family. That way, you’ll meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture goal of 2 cups of veggies per day for an adult and 1-2 for a child.

Look for land that isn’t in use and is fertile. Local agricultural extension offices will help you determine if your land is fit for growing plants by doing soil tests. Consider plants that may benefit you, such as herbs, groceries, and seed plants. An agricultural officer can guide you on the plants likely to thrive.

You could also plant flowers. They add beauty to your home and provide an unforgettable scent. Tending to the flowers can be a helpful physical exercise activity and a fun activity for your children. Ensure you pick safe flowers without toxins. Some flowers may also attract bees, so ask a gardening expert for professional advice.

9. Keep Your House Clean

One of the easily forgotten but perfect services for your rural home is house cleaning. Cleaning services may be more concentrated in urban areas where life is fast, and dirt accumulates quickly. Yet rural homes require the occasional general cleaning. A cleaning service will leave each spot in your house spotless and homey.

Molds may also bring health issues to your family. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, inhaling or having contact with a moldy surface can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. That’s why you need a mold removal service provider to help you clean your house and prevent mold formation.

If you recently had a pest invasion, they can leave waste harmful to your family. For example, flies leave dark spots on the walls or ceiling. A cleaning service provider has the tools and equipment to leave your home clean and prevent another pest invasion. Pest control is also a perfect service for a rural home with problems with pests.

10. Install Internet Service

Internet connectivity is necessary for all Americans, including those living in rural areas. In the modern economy, you could work in a rural home, away from the hustle and bustle of life, if you have internet connectivity. Thus, internet installation and maintenance are perfect services for rural homes.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, although 78% of American households subscribe to the internet, rural and low-income communities fall behind by 13 points. You don’t have to be part of these statistics. Although the internet infrastructure is limited in rural areas, some internet service providers have products and packages that specifically target rural homeowners.

Even if your work or life doesn’t involve the internet, internet connectivity is becoming vital to almost every aspect of human life. For example, internet connectivity can ensure your appliances work optimally without energy wastage. If you’re a farmer, you could learn plenty from the internet and even market your products.

Living in a rural home doesn’t have to be boring or, worse, missing out on modern conveniences. These perfect services for rural homes will help you utilize your space better and make the most of your home. All you have to do is look at the plethora of opportunities your home provides. You can use these services to turn your home into a little paradise.

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