Pouring a Concrete Driveway

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Pouring a Concrete Driveway


Are you planning on doing the driveway construction yourself? Remember that there are various steps involved in the entire process.

Concrete may be relatively easy to work with. But if you’re a beginner and you want to pour concrete on the entire length of your driveway, you may find it highly challenging.

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It’s also crucial to plan and prepare everything carefully for your home improvement project.

To make everything easier, you can break down the process into smaller sections that are more manageable. When building and installing the forms, you must check if they’re all level. Also, ensure that they’re correctly graded with adequate drainage to prevent puddles of water from accumulating in the driveway.

If your home experiences extreme cold and freezing weather or has poor drainage, you might want to place a bed of gravel that’s around 4 to 6 inches. You may also need to rent a compacting machine so you can make the gravel base as compact as possible.

Once you’ve compacted the gravel base, you would also need to dampen it thoroughly. Then, it’s time to pour the concrete. Work each section and start pouring concrete carefully while spreading it evenly using a hoe or shovel.

For the next steps, you’ll have to watch the video where Dominic Sciulli and his crew from Sciulli Concrete complete the driveway construction. These experts can help with your concrete projects, including patios, driveways, French drains, sidewalks, and retaining walls.


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