Set the Tone With the Help of Drapes

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Set the Tone With the Help of Drapes


Curtains and drapes can be a great way to add a sense of grandeur, block off certain areas, and set the stage (literally) for a presentation or event. There’s a variety of drapery available for different events and formal theater drapes are a popular option. They don’t just have to be for a theater though — you might see them at hotels, churches, and other venues that host events like weddings, conferences, or trade show exhibits. They can help improve any event, as any of the almost 135,000 people who work in party and event planning in the United States can attest to! We’ll talk about the equipment you might need to accompany formal theater drapes, what their uses and advantages are, and what else you should consider with event drapery and backdrops.

Why Invest in Formal Theater Drapes? 

For one thing, these sorts of drapes make an area look professional and elegant and provide a grand backdrop for speakers who are working with the curtains closed. Practically speaking, they may also add nice color to the room, and absorb light and some sound and can conveniently hide a backstage area from the audience’s view.

They can also be an excellent tool for theater classes (either at the high school or college level) to make students feel like they’re on a professional stage, rather than just a classroom.

For conferences, exhibitions, or any theatrical performances (from talent shows to a professional show), formal theater drapes are a necessity for backstage prep and offering an distraction-free backdrop when speakers or lecturers are on stage.

They can also be excellent for home theaters as well, adding a layer of authenticity to the experience!

What Equipment Might I Need Along With Formal Theater Drapes? 

For a more professional set-up, you’ll likely want to look into inserting tracks to run the drapes along. This makes it easy to pull the curtains back in one fell swoop (or a few good tugs from backstage). The curtains can be drawn back without a single person having to be visible. Plus, most drapes are made of heavy material and can be quite heavy, so the tracks are also a nice way to easily pull them back and redraw them when needed.

However, if you’re using them for a something like a classroom, church stage, or other kind of community production, installing tracks might be a lot of work and expense that you perhaps don’t need. Instead, consider rigging up a pipe and drape curtain system. All you’ll need are pipes that are the appropriate length, size, and durability, as well as pipe fittings.

The drapes can be easily attached to the pipes for a system that can be broken down and set up again without too much difficulty, but provides a wonderful curtain system when you need it.

You might also consider curtain tie-backs that match the drapes for when they’re pulled back and not in use.

What Else Should I Know About Choosing Drapery and Backdrops? 

For a more formal look or for a stage, you likely want something that looks a bit more luxurious and sophisticated. Velvet or velour is a popular material for theater drapes to be made of, for example. Stick with solid colors as well — red or black, for example.

However, for something like a wedding, you likely want something more airy and festive. Sheer, white drapes or satin drapes might be the perfect touch. For a community event or church, you probably want something durable and practical, especially if you’re working with kids.

In any event, if you’re using drapery as a backdrop, you definitely want solid, neutral colors and nothing that bounces light back if you’re taking a picture or viewing from the audience. The fewer the distractions, the better!

The right kind of drapery can help set the mood for an event or venue, so be sure that you’re getting it right! Whether it’s formal theater drapes or white drapes for a wedding, you want to be sure they’re functional and appropriate for their purpose.

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