Stick on Wood Panels Offer a Quick Way to Change the Look of Any Room

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Stick on Wood Panels Offer a Quick Way to Change the Look of Any Room


Today’s drive was different from any you have made in the past. Although you had driven from Grand Island to Columbus many times, this drive through central Nebraska was different. A mere three weeks ago, nearly 75% of the miles that you drove today were under water. Although the water has receded, there is plenty of evidence that just a few days ago this was a stretch of the road covered in water: the shoulders are washed away, the pasture fences are laid down with debris; and the houses are marked with signs.

Like it or not, there are many property owners who will be making decisions about shiplap planks covering a wall and other kinds of peel and stick wood wall planks. As many home owners find out that they need to completely demolish their properties and completely start from scratch, there are many people who are looking for the energy to rebuild. For the home owners who get the word that they can remodel and rebuild, they too are considering many choices, from shiplap to other popular wall coverings.

When Was the Last Time You Tackled a Home Remodeling Project?
Whether you have the opportunity to build a new home from the foundation up or you are facing a major remodeling project after a flooding event, it is important to make sure that you understand all of the options that are available. Many people make the decision to tackle some do it yourself projects, instead of dealing with expensive contractors.

One of the reasons that so many people use wood as a flooring option is that it provides an easy to match option. In fact, as many as 33% of respondents in a 2017 Interior Design Trends survey indicated that they would choose a neutral color palette when redecorating their home, so wood paneling is often a perfect option. Although there are many interior designers recommend updating the decor of a room every five to 10 years, the reality is that many people wait much longer. In fact, some people only redecorate when they are forced to.

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