Taking A Closer Look At Choosing Safe Paint Options For Your Home

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Taking A Closer Look At Choosing Safe Paint Options For Your Home


Here in the United Starts, there are many paint options to choose from. From a polyurethane clear coat to protect paint for decks to odorless paint to nursery pain, there are so many options to choose from. And so many colors too, a more important decision than many people actually actively realize.

After all, choosing the right color for your home could actually end up having quite a pronounced impact not only on the overall ability of your home to sell, but on the selling price as well. For some reason, for instance, bathrooms that are painted blue have been able to raise the typical selling price by an astounding more than $5,000 at the end of the day, an amount of money that far outpaces the cost of painting any given bathroom a shade of blue. And neutral shades are always popular as well, with nearly half of all survey respondents stating that they would choose to paint their home in shades that are more neutral than not, should they ever make the decision to conduct home changes of that nature.

But it’s not just the color of paint that people must concern themselves with, be it a polyurethane clear coat for painting a porch or a wall primer or even just low odor paint for any room in your home. The paint that you choose must be also very low in volatile organic compounds – known more colloquially and perhaps more frequently as VOCs – as much as is possible. Though not many people are all that aware of the negative impact that these volatile organic compounds can have in paints like a polyurethane clear coat to normal wall paint, the detrimental impact (or potential detrimental impact) is not worth the risk of buying paint with such high concentrations instead of switching to low VOC paint.

In fact, the use of volatile organic compounds filled paint like the typical polyurethane clear coat or even the typical wall paint can increase the levels of indoor pollution by as much as five times – and typically no less than doubling them. For children, the elderly, and those that are sensitive to chemicals, such exposure, when inhaled, can cause a number of different health problems.

The research that has been conducted around the subject shows a particular prominence of health prominence arising in children of all ages who have been exposed to volatile organic compounds such as those found in the typical polyurethane clear coat – and cementing the important of paint safe for baby furniture and safe nursery paint and the like. In fact, the children who live in spaces with the highest 25% of the volatile organic compounds found in home throughout the United States actually have a more than 100% chance of developing or experiencing worsening symptoms of conditions like asthma and eczema, which can range in severity from merely annoying to even life threatening. And such children also become more than 300% more likely to develop rhinitis at some point in time – or even on a chronic basis.

But the volatile organic compounds such as are found in the typical polyurethane clear coat and even just regular wall paint can impact the lives of adults as well, even those who are not particularly susceptible to chemicals. In fact, one study showed that adult office workers, when removed to an environmentally controlled environment free from volatile organic chemicals of every kind, actually saw their overall cognitive potential improve by more than 100% on an average basis, which is truly impressive by just about any standards.

Fortunately, whether you are looking for a polyurethane clear coat or paint for priming walls or even just a nice shade of blue for your bathroom, paints with low concentrations of volatile organic compounds have become more readily available than ever before as people become more and more aware of the detrimental effects of such things when experienced in high concentrations here in the United States.

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