Taking A Look At Home Renovations And Flooring Options

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Taking A Look At Home Renovations And Flooring Options


Here in the United States, home renovations are incredibly common, with up to two thirds of all current home owners in this country alone currently about to embark on some sort of home renovations project. There are many reasons to decide to conduct such a project as well. For some people, simply improving their space can improve their overall satisfaction with their home and their contentedness in living in it. For others, conducting home renovations is a great way to prepare their home for sale, as homes that have recently been updated are much more likely to sell at a higher price than they otherwise would have been able to.

While all types of renovations are certainly fair game, kitchen renovations are among the most common type of home renovation projects that is currently undergone. Kitchen renovations tend to include a number of things. In many kitchen renovation projects, the cabinets will be updated or replaced altogether, with as much as forty percent of the total budget allocated for the cabinets alone.

However, the replacement of flooring is also common, with more than seventy percent of home owners who are in the process of a kitchen renovations project choosing to switch out their flooring as well. When people are choosing flooring for their kitchen, it is likely that they will choose tile or hardwood flooring, as up to ninety percent of all people and home owners here in the United States, at least, prefer these materials for their kitchen space.

There are a number of reasons that this is the case. For one, such materials are far easier to clean than carpeting would be. And as the kitchen is the place where food is prepared on a daily or at least near daily basis, it is more likely than not that spills of all sorts will occur at least once. In most homes, especially those that have children in them, making a mess in the kitchen is just simply a part of life. When the floors are tile or hardwood, messes are easily rectified.

If hardwood flooring or tile flooring options are too expensive for your budget, vinyl flooring presents a viable option to the typical home owner in the United States. Many types of vinyl flooring are very high quality and some types and patterns of vinyl flooring are virtually indistinguishable from real hardwood floors. And like hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring is easy to clean and to care for, making it a great and high quality type of flooring for the family that is on a budget. Like vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring presents a great alternative to tile flooring.

However, if you are renovating your home for the purposes of getting it ready to put on the market, it’s likely that you’ll want to splurge for the hardwood flooring instead of the vinyl flooring, as high quality as it might be. This is due to the fact that you are likely to see a considerable return on investment in the price that the house ultimately sells for, making it more than worth it. After all, many prospective home buyers have said that they would even be willing to pay considerably more for a home that had hardwood floors throughout.

But hardwood floors and vinyl flooring aren’t necessarily ideal for every single room in the house, though they most certainly have their places. While some people will want hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring or even tile flooring throughout their homes, up to forty percent of home owners actually plan to put carpet in their master bedrooms and very nearly forty five percent feel that carpet is ideal for the typical bedroom. Carpet, it’s true, can create a feeling of coziness in any given space, allowing the home owner to feel warm and comfortable in their bedrooms. There is also less risk of spilling things in the bedroom, and so therefore there is considerably less risk in dirtying the carpet that is found there.

From vinyl flooring to tile floors to soft carpets for the bedrooms, there are so many different options out there when it comes to choosing the flooring for your home.

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