The Advantages of Paper Backed Veneers

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The Advantages of Paper Backed Veneers


Furniture grade wood vaneer

Looking for a change in your home’s interior appearance that doesn’t require a complete renovation of your house?

Paper backed veneers might be the answer. A wood veneer is a thin sheet of wood glued onto a thicker panel. They can be used to cover furniture, doors, floors and cabinets, among many other things. Real wood veneer sheets are more eco-friendly than solid wood furniture, as they require less wood to be made.

A paper backed veneer is exactly what its name implies: a veneer that’s backed with paper. There are several qualities about paper backed veneers that give them an advantage over other varieties of wood veneers, and they might be the right type of veneer for you! Here are just a few of these advantages:

– Paper backed veneers are available in larger sheets of veneer because smaller pieces are glued together side by side before the paper back is added. As a result, these veneers offer greater coverage of an object. These larger sheets are good when covering columns and curved surfaces, because they won’t crack like other wood veneer sheets might.

– The paper backing’s thickness may be varied between 10 mm and 20 mm — and each width is suited well to certain projects. The 10 mm width is more versatile, while the 20 mm paper backing applies well on surfaces that aren’t completely flat.

– Paper backed veneers provide stability and flexibility. They also see a minimized chance of splitting, grain raise and seepage, all problems that plague furniture grade wood veneers. Good references here.

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