The Key to a Successful Corporate Move

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The Key to a Successful Corporate Move


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Relocation is a common occurrence, undertaken by about 43 million Americans every year. About 16.8% of the population moves annually, including a third of all renters. Though residential moves make up a large part of those numbers, corporate relocation is also very common. About $9.3 billion is spent annually on corporate relocation, a process that can be even more difficult than residential relocation.

Making a corporate move involves the transportation and set-up of stock and storefront. For example, statistically speaking, pharmacies and insurance companies make the most corporate moves, and must move all their files, stock, office furniture, and more to a new location. That process can be headache-inducing, as evidenced by one survey showing that 70% of relocated businesses wished the process had gone more smoothly. One way to make the process easier is to hire corporate relocation services. For those without the time or resources, however, here’s a corporate relocation checklist to help you make sure your move goes as efficiently as possible.

Corporate Relocation Checklist

  • Decide on a time frame and moving schedule.
  • Develop a plan for communicating with customers, suppliers, and other relevant persons about your move.
  • Put together a task list and assign tasks to individuals.
  • Set up a moving committee to organize the move and keep it on schedule.
  • Involve employees by making sure they know their roles.
  • Decide on the new set-up and look for your new office.
  • Obtain moving quotes from moving companies, check their references, and book one for your moving day.
  • Get in touch with service providers, including the phone company, utility providers, internet company, postal service, and couriers to let them know about your move.
  • Book someone to help you move and install large or complex equipment.
  • Purchase packing supplies and provide instructions for packing to your team.
  • Prepare furniture for moving, labeling each piece according to where it should be placed.

The key to successful corporate relocation is advance planning. Be sure to utilize a corporate relocation checklist early in the process so that you don’t miss anything and to follow your schedule carefully. Corporate relocation may be inherently stressful, but it doesn’t have to be inefficient. Find more on this here.

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