Three Illnesses Duct Cleaning Can Help Prevent

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Three Illnesses Duct Cleaning Can Help Prevent


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The vast majority of American families depend on reliable heating and cooling systems to stay warm during the frigid winter months and keep their cool throughout the heat of the summer. Because they help keep everyone comfortable, HVAC systems are a valuable tool for homeowners. However, over time, a bit of maintenance and upkeep is a must to keep them working as effectively as possible. One of the most important tasks is air duct cleaning in your home. Without regular ductwork cleaning, HVAC systems could spread pollutants into your home that cause a decrease in air quality. If that happens, there are a number of illnesses your family members could contract.

Legionnaire’s Disease

For the most party, Legionnaire’s is a more serious form of pneumonia, and killed 34 people in 1976, the year it was discovered. The disease isn’t spread by person-to-person contact, but rather, by breathing in the bacteria. So investing in internal air duct cleaning in your home to make sure dangerous bacterium, like legionella, is always a smart choice.


Though probably not deadly, allergies are a hassle that more than 50 million Americans have to deal with. There are a number of different things that people can be allergic to, including pollen and pet dander, but making sure ducts are clean is a great way to keep allergens out of the home. Whether you just get a runny nose or end up exhausted and struggling to breathe because of allergies, hiring professionals or using air duct cleaning tools on your own is a good idea if you have allergies.


Some 12 million Americans suffer from asthma and, according to a study by the American College of Allergists, nearly half of all illnesses related to asthma stem from polluted indoor air. Asthma can make it difficult to get through even the most basic daily tasks, let alone live an active life. So if you want to make sure your whole family can enjoy all of their favorite activities, then cleaning air ducts often is a must.

Though these types of sicknesses can affect everyone, children are far more likely than adults to suffer from them. So if you are a homeowner that lives with kids, air duct cleaning in your home might become even more important. Whether you choose t clean ducts with DIY projects or by hiring professionals, taking the time to do so can go a long way towards keeping everyone healthy. Plus, regular cleanings can help make sure you stay comfortable all year, no matter how extreme the temperature outside might be. Learn more about this topic here.

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