Tips for Purging Equipment for Welding

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Tips for Purging Equipment for Welding


Purging is the act of removing the contents of a pipe or container and replacing it with a different gas or liquid. Removing the gas from the welding will help ensure that there will be nothing that will impact the weld during or after the process that could lead to oxidation, corrosion or discoloration.

Pipe weld purging systems ensure clean, smooth, and particle free welds. The purging equipment for welding situations requires precision and extensive training. Having a purge monitor is absolutely essential in order to see the pressure and flow rate of the purging gas. The quality of gas may also change during the process, so it is important that welders monitor remember to check moisture and oxygen levels as well.

A few simple tips when handling purging equipment for welding is to make sure that the best hose and connections are being used to make sure that there is no possible way outside air can come in. It is important to stress again that it is the best practice to specifically use purge monitors when working with purge equipment. Even an oxygen monitor might not be able to read the calibrations necessary to be successful. Remember, it is essential to make sure that the pipe is sealed on either side and to maintain that seal throughout the entire process. Also, avoid getting the cheapest seal on the market if you can. Find something that will be able to hold the seal and not get caught on fire during a hot weld cycle.

You want to create a long-lasting and strong weld that will not corrode in a short amount of time. Finding the right purging equipment for welding projects is one of the most important things you can do in order to make sure your purging goes smoothly. There are many options for commercial equipment that have pre-set gas flow, pressure and purge quality systems and are designed for multiple uses. This equipment will save you time, money and stress in the long run and will help ensure a job well done on your first attempt. Continuing your research in purging equipment and practices through reading and studying will also help you avoid having to redo any of your projects.

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