Trending Kitchen Designs You Need To Know About

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Trending Kitchen Designs You Need To Know About


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Sometimes, we all need change. Whether it be the hair color we choose, the new outfit we pick out, or the new kitchen we want to change up and bring to life, everybody needs a change at times throughout their life. As humans, we are hardwired to get tired of the same thing after a while, and we love adventure and new, different things. When changing up your home, you have a lot of different ways to find inspiration, from Pinterest to magazines, and even online blogs by other DIY home decor gurus.

If you’ve been dreaming of modern kitchen cabinets, new lighting fixtures, and dish towels/dishes that will make your kitchen pop with a bit of color, then you’re seriously suffering from the kitchen design flu! Here are some trends to think about that will be hot in 2018.

1. Sophisticated, dark wood floors

That’s right, out with the minimal white look, and in with some darkness! While in years past it was great to have a lot of light and white together to make a kitchen look bigger, the newest trend will be adding in some dark accents to make parts of the kitchen stand out. Hardwood floors of cherry and oak are incredibly durable, which make it a good investment for those with children and pets, and hey, they’re super easy to clean.

2. Colorful, ornamental tiles

If you’re all about that minimal look, you can keep it by adding in something else to bring it to life. Instead of having your ceiling to floor all white, try keeping your kitchen furniture and kitchen cabinets white, but then using tiles on the floor to affect how simple the rest of the kitchen is. Choose from mandalas, florals, and other “busy” designs to really make your kitchen unique.

3. Sleek Italian kitchen cabinets

If you need to upgrade your kitchen, it’s not always in the flooring or even the decorations. Modern kitchen cabinets give your home a whole new look and feel that is very chic and sophisticated. One of the most beautiful kinds of modern kitchen cabinets out there on the market today are Italian kitchen cabinets, which come in handle-less varieties and are super sleek.

Homeowners spend about 35% of their budget on cabinets, and Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies expected 25% of remodeling budgets to be spent on kitchens and bathrooms in 2015. Kitchens can really change the way a home feels and looks.

4. Go for the metal

If you really want to switch things up, think about buying metal appliances and accents. Hang metal pots in your kitchen, and choose metal decors, such as copper cups and silver vases. If you want to go for a full-on industrial look, try using industrial lights (which look like vintage light bulbs) as your lighting fixture, instead of a traditional ceiling light.

Home renovations have nothing to do with age. Data proved that Millennial homeowners (aged 18-34) were just as likely to renovate their homes than other age groups in 2014. Everybody needs a change at times, and if you are going to invest in your home, data has shown it should be the kitchen of the bathroom you choose to put your money towards.

Do you have any ideas for your own kitchen renovation? Share it in the comments below!

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