What Fine Landscaping Can Do For a Yard

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What Fine Landscaping Can Do For a Yard


A property’s value, whether a house or a commercial building, is determined by a number of factors. The location is a major factor, as any real estate agent would say, but the building or house’s condition is something to consider as well. Many homeowners choose to remodel the interior of their homes, both for their own benefit and for making the house more valuable and attractive on the real estate market. Redecorating is not limited to the interior, though; professional landscapers can be hired for landscape design, and beautiful landscaping can be an excellent investment. When professional landscapers are brought onto the scene, they can make an attractive lawn that will please the current homeowner and also make the house sell better on the real estate market. Commercial building managers may do the same to draw in more customers and make a better impression on others.

Commercial Landscaping

An office building, bank, or other facility may be more pleasant to visit and make a more positive impression with good landscaping. A business manager can research and hire professional landscapers to work on the front or side lawns of the building, and the options are many. Fresh new grass may be planted and carefully mowed, or hedges, shrubs, trees, and even flowers might be planted, too. At first, trees and flowers don’t seem relevant to a business’s bottom line, but they can actually make a difference. Customers and guests may like the landscaping’s looks, and a company that shows this level of care may garner more trust and faith in others. This can also be a fine investment when the current business moves out and wants to sell the facilities to a new business. An attractive front lawn can help with this.

Homeowners and Landscaping

This is certainly true for private homeowners as well, and real estate agents often say that fine landscaping is key to strengthening a property. If professional landscapers are hired, a front or back yard will have a more natural and pleasing look, and this can pay off in a big way. In fact, it has been determined that investing just 5% of a property’s value into landscaping can yield an ROI, or return on investment, as high as 150%. Professional landscapers often work with more natural features, such as tree, shrubs, and grass, and the benefits of these plants may surprise some homeowners. Trees, for example, are natural air filters which can clear out pollution, dust, and carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. What is more, trees can shade houses in summer, which eases the strain on the air conditioning inside. Dense trees may block 95% of the light and 75% of the heat from sun rays, and this can help save money. And in winter, trees can help disrupt and block cold winds, which helps houses stay warmer.

Professional landscapers most often work with natural features, while man-made features can be added to a lawn from more specialized contractors. For example, a homeowner may hire a work crew to have a wooden deck with hand rails installed, or a patio or porch. Landscaping may even extend to an outdoor grill or an entire outdoor kitchen, fully furnished for cooking. This will often involve benches or tables and chairs where everyone can eat. Outdoor landscaping may even involve an attractive wooden shed for storing tools and items, and pool contractors may install a private pool right into the ground. Finally, a wooden fence can be built with the help of fence contractors to keep all of this safe and private. No one would want burglars or stray animals getting onto the premises.

Some of this landscaping requires upkeep. For example, a swimming pol should have a protective screen placed over it when not in use, so that debris and animals cannot get in. This can also prevent the water from evaporating when exposed to direct, hot sunlight. Meanwhile, a wooden deck or patio should be protected with a mesh screen or net, supported with the roof and poles. This mesh can keep out harmful and annoying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, hornets, and wasps. Such nets should be checked for rips and holes regularly.

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