What Winter Roofing Problems Do I Have To Worry About Besides Ice Dams?

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What Winter Roofing Problems Do I Have To Worry About Besides Ice Dams?


roof installationA roof should be inspected two times a year on average, once during the start of the warmer season and the other before the colder season arrives. This helps ensure the roof is well-prepared for the impact of snow, hail, and rain which can cause water damage to your home if left untreated.

Some of the most common problems for roofs during the winter include ice dams and snow buildup. But what other problems might your roof face this winter that may have you calling a roof repair service before the first snowfall?

Winter roofing damage

Winter may be a time of staying indoors to keep warm and relaxing with the family, but it’s also a time of freezing and melting water and different types of precipitation. These weather changes and storms can have many effects on your roof, which is why it’s so important to prepare your home for the winter.

Consider the following common home roofing problems caused by winter weather:

  • Cracked broken shingles. Shingles can sometimes break during a hailstorm if the impact is fierce enough. However, in most cases, shingles can break during the colder weather when they’re walked on or when debris is blown from surrounding trees. This can be worrisome as water and accumulated snow can easily make its way into the attic or the surrounding roof and cause costly water damage.
  • Leaks in the skylight. A skylight on your roof that hasn’t been properly sealed, flashed, or is already damaged can result in a leak when covered by snow. This is especially a concern for older buildings which may have framing that’s inconsistent with modern standards.
  • Blocked plumbing vents. Plumbing vents can be blocked by snow just as gutter systems can. However, what makes blocked plumbing vents that much more dangerous is that it can cause poor drainage or sewer gas backups. Not only is this unsanitary for homeowners, but there’s also a risk of explosion.
  • Fall injuries. Walking along a roof or attempting to clear snow and ice from a roof without following safety procedures can not only cause damage to your shingles and gutters but can also be extremely dangerous. We’re going to say that again: DIY roof repairs can be extremely dangerous! Falling from a roof or ladder can cause serious injury or even death.

Winter can cause multiple types of damage to your roof, which is why it’s so important to receive necessary roof repair before it gets chillier. If you’re unsure whether or not your roof needs a roof installation or repair, contact a roofing repair company for an inspection. A new roof installation with asphalt shingles not only guarantees you a 62% ROI but also guarantees you’re safer from potential leaks in the winter.

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