What You Need to Know About Secure Door Installations

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What You Need to Know About Secure Door Installations


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Did you know that in about 10% of homes, the deadbolt has been improperly installed? This can make it easier for thieves to get in. When you?re installing a door — whether it?s a new door or getting the old one back up — it can be tempting to take it on as a DIY job. You have all the tools you need, so why not get this back on its hinges by yourself?

Most of the time, though, you?re going to want to consult with a professional to get this done. The cost of making a mistake is simply too high. On one side, the door — if very badly installed — could end up hurting someone trying to enter it. More likely, though, the installation problems will go unnoticed until someone tries to enter when they aren?t supposed to. In about 34% of burglaries, for example, thieves were able to enter through the front door of a home.

Let?s not make life easy for the thieves who would like to steal your TV — and more. Here?s a few tips for keeping your house secured.

Get Different Types of Keys

Certain types of locks are easier to pick than others. The most generic locks available are often the easiest ones to pick, so you?ll want to be wary of putting any of these on your doors. Kwikset, for example, is listed in many lock picking forums as an easy one to get. On the other hand, Schlange locks are difficult for lockpicks to get at because of the shape of the key ward. Electronic keys can be useful because there is no way for someone to imitate the entry code (while mechanical key openings can be imitated, in some cases, with a simple paper clip).

Always know, as well, who has a copy of your key — don?t give them out to someone you?ve just met, and always get your copies back. In the end, it?s easier to change your lock than it is to go through the trouble of reporting a $1,000 theft to your insurance.

Hire Professionals for Installing a Door

Did you know that a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the U.S.? If you don?t want to be part of this statistic, invest in a professional door installation. This is true for commercial door locks as well — when you have thousands of dollars of merchandise at stake, you don?t want to play around. A locksmith can ensure that your commercial replacement door is going to keep potential thieves out, and that your door?s lock won?t be easy to dismantle with a credit card or paper clip.

Do you have experience installing a door? Let us know.

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