Why to Stain Your Brick and Never Paint It

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Why to Stain Your Brick and Never Paint It


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If you have a brick home, one of the best things you can do to update curb appeal and improve value is to improve the look of the outside with the right masonry stain. Brick can have unsightly water stains, or it may just look too old and faded. Since brick is a very durable exterior material, it generally only needs a bit of a revamp to look its best and will still continue to perform. Read on to learn about the difference between masonry stain and paint and why you should only ever stain your bricks.

Masonry Stain is Permanent

Isn’t that nice to hear? If you have ever been painting floors or painting a porch, you know the frustration of having to do it fairly frequently. As stains and knocks start to make it look unsightly, you feel that dread knowing that you’ll have to do it all again soon. When it comes to staining brick, though, you never have to worry about this. Paint applied to brick will need to be maintained constantly, and a whole new coat has to be applied every three to five years. Masonry stain, in contrast, actually soaks into the brick, forming a chemical bond that permanently colors the brick.

Masonry Stain Preserve the Natural Look

You care about the look of your materials. You are carefully protecting hardwood floors and using wood conditioner on everything. Do the same for your brick. Painting fills up all the natural creases and nooks of brick, sitting on top and causing a flat finish that makes the brick look odd. Masonry stain dries, leaving the brick looking and feeling natural. Brick stain allows you to change the color of your brick entirely without harming the brick or obscuring its natural beauty.

Masonry Stain Lets the Brick Breathe

When paint covers a brick, it fills all the holes and pores so that moisture is trapped inside. The water can’t evaporate, so eventually, it comes out by blistering and chipping the paint job. It may even damage the brick over time. Masonry stain, in contrast, will let moisture escape and preserve the look and integrity of the brick.

The right solution for updating your brick is always a stain, and never paint. It looks natural and allows the brick to breathe. It bonds with the brick chemically and is permanent. Brick that has been newly stained looks brand new and performs perfectly. Whether you’re looking for the best way to hide water stains or just want to change the color of your home, masonry stain is the tool of choice for a great brick home.

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