Why You Should Improve Your Home’s Landscaping

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Why You Should Improve Your Home’s Landscaping


The care and keeping of your home is a hugely important thing. There is no doubt about it that this is true and important. After all, the better you keep up your home, the better it is to live in. In addition to this, a well kept home will be more likely to sell for more money than a home that has been neglected. Keeping up the exterior of your home and your yard space is just as important as keeping up the interior of your home as well. If you are planning to sell your home, in fact, it is highly advised that you updated your landscaping. As a matter of fact, more than 85% of all real estate agents actually suggest making such a change before your home is ever put up for sale. This has been found to raise property values by as much as a full 12% – certainly no small amount in the grand scheme of things, especially when you consider that investing even just a mere 5% of your home’s overall value into landscaping can get you a return on investment as high as 150%.

But what can you do to improve your yard? For one thing, adding trees and shrubs can have a hugely positive benefit. Fortunately, trees and shrubs for sale (particularly shrubs for sale) are hugely accessible in many parts of the country. You’ll likely find shrubs for sale and the like at any store selling landscaping supplies. In addition to shrubs for sale, trees for sale (likely baby trees) can be found at such stores as well, as well as at plant nurseries (shrubs for sale will be found here too).

But why, exactly, should one invest in trees for sale and shrubs for sale alike? For one thing, shrubs for sale and trees for sale can actually lower the total amount of energy costs accrued by your home. In fact, up to one full quarter of all energy costs – up to 25% of them – can be reduced through the strategic planting of trees and shrubs for sale. This is accomplished through the lowering of both air conditioning costs and fuel costs. Ideally, you will plant your trees and shrubs at least six feet apart from one another. If they are in rows, at least ten feet (and sometimes up to 12 feet) should be left between these rows. If you are planting trees that fall into the classifications of deciduous or conifer, then up to 20 feet in width should be left from tree to tree and as many as 30 feet between rows. this will help to ensure that these trees and shrubs for sale are given adequate space to grow and to thrive.

Planting deciduous trees is particularly beneficial when it comes to lowering overall energy costs for your home. This is due to the sheer amount of sunlight these types of trees can block out. In some cases, fully grown deciduous trees will actually be able to block out as much as 90% of the sunlight. Even in cases where they don’t block out quite as much, deciduous trees will at least reduce the sunlight that enters a home by around 60%. When it comes to reducing overall air conditioning costs, this is something that will prove hugely beneficial in regards to keeping a home naturally cool.

When it comes to your home’s landscaping, you will also want to consider the origin of what you plant. For many people, switching to plants that are natural to the habitat and part of the country has become important. There are a number of reasons for this change and for the fact that more than 90% of all home owners are now planting only plants native to the region in question. For one thing, it’s simply easier on the environment. Ultimately, plants that are not native to a region will require much more upkeep – and much more in the way of resources – than plants that are native to the area. Therefore, native plants will be much easier to keep alive as well, something that will also be ideal for any novice (or even experienced) gardener.

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