Worried About A Long Distance Move? These 3 Tips Will Help You Along The Way

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Worried About A Long Distance Move? These 3 Tips Will Help You Along The Way


Moving is a stressful experience, even if you’re simply relocating just down the street. When you’re planning a long distance move, however, things can feel a lot more complicated. Regardless of why you’re moving, there are several ways to relieve the mental, physical, and financial anxieties that moving cross country or out of state can bring. Here are a few of them.

  • Make a plan ASAP. Changing houses or apartments requires a ton of preparation — you need to pack up your entire house, cram it into a car or truck, and make sure it gets to its final destination; the earlier you start, the better. Additionally, most interstate moves cost around $4,300, nearly twice as much as an in-state move: if you’re not ready for that kind of expense, you need to start saving. It may seem exhausting to start getting everything ready so early, but we promise you, you’ll be thanking your past self when the day finally comes.


  • Stay on schedule. This will almost be as hard as establishing a timeline in the first place, but committing to it can ensure a stress-free long distance move. Utility installation and school enrollment are time sensitive — you don’t want to risk their loss because you fell behind or forgot about them, and you certainly don’t want to be panicking trying to finish everything at the last minute. Create a detailed calendar, scheduling time each day or week (depending on how far back you’re planning) to complete a few tasks. When moving day comes, you’ll be amazed at how smooth everything goes.


  • Get multiple in-home moving estimates. Finding a reliable moving service that suits your needs and your budget is vital in long distance moves; they’re going to be responsible for the transportation of your entire life, usually across thousands of miles, so you don’t want to pick a long distance moving company without doing any research beforehand. Additionally, requesting in-home estimates from multiple moving companies can ensure you’re getting the best deal for the services you need. Whether they’re local movers or vast, nationwide companies, finding the right long distance movers will make your trip a lot smoother.

These three simple tips can go a long way in reducing the bumps you encounter throughout the moving process.

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