You Don’t Have To Live With High Energy Bills Common Signs You Should Call A Commercial Contractor

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You Don’t Have To Live With High Energy Bills Common Signs You Should Call A Commercial Contractor


Efficient heating and cooling can seem like an abstract idea at times.

How can you possibly save money on your energy bills when there’s always another reason to use them? From sweltering summers that demand repeated HVAC use to freezing winters that are impossible to get through without a good boiler, Americans today feel trapped by their energy usage. When you’re completely fed up with all the doubting and fretting, your local contractor will provide you relief. Eco-efficient energy usage is actually quite easy to obtain with a helping hand. Homeowners with HVACs, boilers, and furnaces…

…it’s time to take power back into your own hands. From boiler installation to duct repair, here are five solid energy conservation tips that can get your energy bills back into the green.

Today’s Most Common Energy Conservation Concerns

American homeowners today are in a bad spot to save energy. If it’s not one thing draining your monthly reserves, it’s another. According to recent studies two-thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners in place. That said, far too many homes still lose energy in small and large ways over the weeks. It’s estimated air conditioners cost American homeowners more than $10 billion every year, which doesn’t even cover boilers and furnaces.

Taking Good Care Of Your HVAC With Maintenance

A little maintenance goes a long way. Today’s average HVAC system is a stressed and haggard old thing, often in need of outright replacement. Heating and cooling today accounts for around 50% of the energy usage in your average American home, with much of that caused by faulty equipment. Switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner (as well as taking other actions to keep the home well-regulated) can reduce your energy bills by 20% to 50%. Air conditioner repair can include, but is not limited to, switching out old filters and checking for duct leaks.

What To Expect From Your Furnace

How is your furnace looking lately? A good rule-of-thumb to follow is to maintain your furnace for 15 years or so…after that, you might be better off replacing it outright. There are plenty of wonderful efficiency laws for new gas furnaces today, with the lowest possible percentage allowed being 80%. Some newer models achieve as high as 95%, which is perfect for households tired of weathering high energy bills. Commercial construction services, one way or another, are able to help you when your usual good habits just aren’t enough.

Useful Tips For Taking Care Of Your Boiler

Last, but not least, you have your boiler. While furnaces tend to peter out at around 15 years, boilers can last between 15 and 30 years, depending. High efficiency heating systems have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (shortened to AFUE) of 90% to 95%. Boiler installation might just be the best option if you’re not getting the results you want. Even the most consistent maintenance won’t mean much if your boiler is already moving well beyond its lifespan.

Choosing A Contractor To Help You Save Money

Should you consider boiler installation or try some HVAC repair? It’s best to let a commercial construction company answer that for you. There are a lot of small and large things that can go by completely unnoticed by the average eye, leaving you in the dark even when you keep up with your good daily habits. A professional can walk you through the process of saving more money, starting with your usual heating and cooling appliances and ending with a solid result. Duct losses are one such common issue that can crop up right under your nose, accounting for 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning.

New HVAC system or high efficiency boiler installation? Let a Joe Nelson professional help you out this year so you can start saving now rather than later.

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