You Should Add 25% More Moving Materials Than You Think You’ll Need Practical Moving Tips For 2019

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You Should Add 25% More Moving Materials Than You Think You’ll Need Practical Moving Tips For 2019


It’s time to move to a new place. You’ve gone through the tiresome process of narrowing down apartments, tossing out things you don’t need, and cleaning up your place.

That’s not the end of it. You now have to start bagging up your clothes and putting away your knick-knacks. You have days of sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting to look forward to. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of your valuables and breakables! When all of this starts to seem like too much, a long distance moving company can give you a break. Staffed with professionals who have seen this story a thousand times before, long distance movers can take the sting out of the process.

Below are five tips to make this next move of yours the most successful one yet.

The Moving Industry Is Doing Wonderfully

Don’t worry about finding a good long distance moving company with competitive rates. Back in 2016 the American moving industry was worth $85 billion, a pretty impressive figure for any field. If anything, moves are becoming more common lately. Every year 11% of the American population moves (that’s 35 million people) and certain states are seeing a massive influx. Seattle, in particular, is a state many covet for its relatively low housing prices, thriving art culture, and close proximity to the ocean.

Some States Are Proving Pretty Popular

If you’re still considering whether or not to move in the first place, consider some recent statistics. Vermont is the eighth most popular state are moving to, prized for its gorgeous scenery and small-town vibe. Idaho sits cozy on the top spot, with Illinois remaining the number one state people are moving away from. The right place for you is an entirely personal decision, one you should let be influenced by — not dictated by — anyone else. You might just find your next favorite place in the most unlikely of locations!

Staying In Touch With Personal Reasons Is Best

This can’t be reiterated enough. You should be moving because it’s the most useful course of action to get you closer to your goals. A study on the recent slate of moves found the most popular reason for moving was wanting a better home or apartment. The average mover today is a couple between the ages of 18 and 35 with one or two kids — the older someone gets, the less likely they want to move. Other reasons for moving can be closer proximity to a university, a new promotion, or just needing a change of pace.

Make Sure To Add Some Wiggle Room To The Moving Process

Your long distance movers are experienced in the art of moving from one place to another. That doesn’t mean they’re omniscient! Save yourself some trouble and add an extra 25% to your moving materials — this will keep you from rushing around at the last second on moving day. It also helps to get everything done at least three days in advance. You have enough on your plate as is without adding last-minute sweeping and dusting to the mix.

Label Your Things Clearly So Nothing Is Lost Or Broken

Have you lost things between point A and point B? Do you worry you could arrive at your new apartment with boxes of shattered family photos and plates? Keep your stress low by labeling all of your things clearly before the local move. This means permanent marker on bags and boxes (or tape if you’re using suitcases). Anything fragile should be put away properly with crumpled up newspaper or packing tape, both of which can be provided by your long distance moving company.

Your move should be exciting, not daunting. See what a long distance moving company can do to make things a little easier.

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