Your Guide to Measuring Pipes with a Pipeline Caliper

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Your Guide to Measuring Pipes with a Pipeline Caliper


In the video above, the reporter introduces the Insulation King pipeline caliper tool used by pipe insulators. He emphasizes its utility both on job sites and for potential home use, particularly for determining pipe sizes before ordering fiberglass pipe coverings from their website. Made entirely in the United States, this tool simplifies the process by providing only the essential information without any unnecessary details.

Per the reporter Its operation is straightforward: with two wings and a head, the user places the pipe between the wings, ensures contact on all three sides, and obtains readings for both iron and copper pipe sizes. The demonstration illustrates the ease of use, showcasing how it accurately measures a one-inch pipe.

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He mentions the availability of the pipe caliper at Buy Insulation Products, offering it for purchase individually or in bulk packs. The emphasis remains on the simplicity and effectiveness of the tool, emphasizing its relevance to professionals and homeowners alike.

Furthermore, the reporter provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of the Insulation King pipe caliper. He not only elucidates its functionality but also guides viewers on where and how to acquire this handy tool, emphasizing convenience and affordability through bulk purchases and free shipping. He ensures viewers understand the tool’s ease of use and accessibility for professionals and homeowners alike.


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